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Microsoft 365 in your organization

Microsoft 365 is always a big part of the push to online networks. I can let you know from experience that it can be an extremely useful product when implemented correctly. With its security for internal communication to its extensibility for collaboration with clients and just how you can add documents and features from Microsoft 365 to your website (just to let you know we use Microsoft 365 @ Connor’s Tech Services) with ease and to support Single Sign On for your employees. It’s also decently priced for the value it provides, see pricing as of November 15th, 2021 here.

Microsoft 365 Enterprise Plans

The image attached gives you a brief overview of pricing but for more information ensure to check the PDF attached in the link above. (Sorry we’re currently having issues with our authentication service with Azure so we cannot post the PDF directly for you to access securely.

Yes, as seen above the pricing is sometimes more than people are willing to pay for. Good news the plans for businesses under three hundred people or have frontline workers can purchase the cheaper plans for users.

See these plans below

Microsoft 365 Business Plans

As you can see the pricing for Business plans are closer to the budgets of small businesses with all of the key features needed for companies to strengthen your ability to provide great work for clients and to communicate internally.