Microsoft Lens coming soon to Office and Teams

Microsoft is currently working on bringing Teams Apps to, Outlook Web App, Outlook Desktop, and New Outlook. There are currently a limited number of Teams apps now available in and Outlook in Public Preview. I recently came across a new app available in Office Apps that brings Microsoft Lens (Formerly Office Lens) to Outlook,, and Teams. As can be seen from the screenshots below, this is an early release, and more information is likely to come out soon about it.

This will likely be a companion app to the existing Microsoft Lens apps available for iOS, Android, and Windows devices currently. We’re expecting it to allow for photos of existing content to be converted into images and PDF’s as shown in the description.

This will help reduce a large burden surrounding the use of other third-party programs with limited compatibility with Office to extract content and turn it into pdfs. It also builds on the Mobile Office App’s ability to export images from mobile galleries and Files Apps including OneDrive to PDF’s. It will also build on the existing PDF Tools options in Office Mobile App (Shown in image 1 and 2) which are currently available in a limited form on Apps

This highlights the many options to create new pdfs from existing and new files. This will be more important in the future as we continue to bring more documents into the cloud with Microsoft 365 and will allow us to do simple conversions without needing to pull out our laptops and desktops and open Adobe Acrobat.