Windows 11(Version 22557) New features coming this fall

This fall Windows 11 is getting even better. With so much coming, we only have so many lines to speak about what is coming. From new folders inside of inside start menu to a revamp of focus assist.

With Windows 11 being pushed to devices around the world, Microsoft is already preparing for the next feature update. Feature updates will now be once a year instead of twice a year (This will allow for IT admins to better support devices and will allow for users to have less required times a year that they need to update.)

Windows 11 22H2 will support more form-factors and will now allow to prioritize meetings and important emails over notifications and other unnecessary content. It will also allow for you to now pin programs to your start menu with folders.

The new live captions feature will allow for you to listen into any video that you might be interested in hearing. This will also be an excellent feature to improve accessibility, and this adds to the new fixes to accessibility in Windows 11 and updating the hero icons on the log in screen.

Next, we’ve got a new way to multi-task with the easier to access snap layouts now available by moving a tab or window(s) to the top of the screen which will give you the option to drop the window into your chosen layout.

If that was not enough Windows Explorer is getting a bunch of changes with sharing files via Outlook and so much more.

Checkout this link for more information regarding all the features mentioned today.

Note that feature availability and expected time of release are subject to change

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