iPadOS 16.1 is now available to download

iPadOS 16.1 has now been launched by Apple through the Apple Update Service. This can be downloaded by visiting the settings app on iPads. It comes with a bunch of updates such as Stage Manager(Which is available on M1 and M2 iPad Pros only). It also brings the weather app to iPad as well as all of the features available in iOS 16 and iOS 16.1 which is available today.


Apple has brought numerous features from Safari that’s available on MacOS and MacOS Ventura such as Passkeys which will allow you to sign into most websites and applications using your fingerprint (Touch ID) or face (Face ID). You will now be able to use shared tab groups, a more desktop experience for Safari, Multiple Tab Group start pages that will allow you to set custom bookmarks and background images for each type of subject or content that you will use them for. Shared Tab Groups are now here with the ability to share tabs with friends, colleagues and more via iMessage and Apple Mail.


Apple Mail now can provide message suggestions, as well as functionality to delay the sending of emails until a specific time.


Apple Messages now includes the ability to unsend messages for a limited period, new emojis and more.

Click the link to find out more about iOS 16 and iOS 16.1 here.

See pictures below about the general features available in more depth below.