Elections are critical at any point in society. They determine how bills are passed and procedures are devised. This past year I have worked hard to support you. My tagline for this election is A VOTE FOR ME, A VOTE FOR YOU as I want to empower you and allow you to have a direct method to get your ideas presented directly to your school’s administration as well as the board. Many of our board programs have been built from student ideas and student council programs! I recognize that you are busy with particularly important things such as schoolwork, classes, athletics, music, clubs, extra-curriculars, jobs, and so much more.

I’ve taken last year’s tagline “Vote for Integrity, Vote for our School” and built on it this past year. I’ve worked to ensure that you have an accessible voting platform, easier ways to communicate with the council, and all the decisions I’ve made which can sometimes be difficult were all meant to be in your interest.

Despite Covid-19 restrictions we’ve been able to do a lot together from food drives to candy grams. We’ve been able to provide more convenient ways to vote such as Microsoft Dynamics Customer Voice where you received an email to vote for us this year, to collecting your feedback on how schools are doing in terms of safety and school culture.

I’ve been there supporting you throughout the way in the Sherwood Transitions Committee from the early board meetings to the vote and will continue to be there for you. I plan to bring back pep rallies, school-wide event days, and so much more. It’s been busy getting ready for the transition to Barton, but I believe we can still have a wonderful year despite this. I aim to ensure you have more methods of communication to allow you to meet with your student council. I will take all your feedback into account to ensure that you get the programs and events you want. I will also work to ensure that you can bring up ideas to our council directly in our meetings as well so you can get support from the entire school.

Finally, don’t forget to vote on June 3rd to ensure that we can continue to work together.

Feel free to contact me via email, phone call, text, Instagram, Linkedin or message through this website if you have any questions.

Social Links URL with contact information: https://connoruhrig.com/socials

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